St Brelade Hotels

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Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands, which although are a part of the United Kingdom are situated close to the Normandy coast of France. As a result the islands have their own unique identity forged from British and Norman influences and a unique language too, Jerriaise which is still understood by much of the population. Saint Brelade is a parish of Jersey which encompasses the south western area of the island and is renowned for its rural and historic beauty. St Brelade hotels are some of the finest on Jersey and they promise an outstanding stay in beautiful surrounds.

Jersey has many excellent bays in which superb hotels and resorts may be found and the best of them are found in this parish, including Portelet, Quaisne, St Aubin's Bay and St Brelades Bay. The old fishing port of St Aubin faces the islands capital St Helier across the bay and historically has formed the centre of the population in the parish. New developments at Les Quennevais have increased the population but the parish remains overwhelmingly rural in nature with many great coastal and inland points of natural beauty to explore as well as towns full of character and historic structures and sights.

The stunning coastal locations are home to some of the most spectacular St Brelade hotels, which very much fall into the luxury hotel category. Incredible classic buildings filled with romantic and historic appeal combine the best aspects of grand Victorian hotels such as those on the south coast of England with the noble elegance and style of those on the Normandy coast to provide truly superb accommodation in the best island environments. Exquisite service, refined luxury, the finest dining and breathtaking views of the sunset over the sea; this is what these St Brelade hotels offer.

Other hotels will be more family oriented but no less luxurious. Such resort style hotels will have all manner of leisure facilities on site, from swimming pools and children's activity clubs to numerous drinks and dining spaces and family entertainment. All inclusive holiday packages are generally available for such resort hotels and they form a great base for a fun filled family holiday on the island. The mild climate, great beaches and English-speaking culture of Jersey attracts many British holidaymakers and while most head for resorts close to the capital, the south west of the island offers more space for some quiet time too within stylish and luxurious environments.

Other St Brelade hotels are situated inland, occupying some stunning countryside locations. These are country hotels, which are often associated with a great array of leisure and sports facilities, such as tennis courts and golf courses. For those with less active pursuits in mind they will often incorporate sumptuous spa facilities and other features which are perfectly suited for a truly relaxing break. These types of hotels are great too for hosting special events, weddings and for corporate retreats a world away from the stresses of big city life. This area is close to Jersey Airport and luxury hotels will often arrange for airport transfers amongst other leisure and business privileges.

Whether inland or on the coast there is plenty to do and see in the area. At the end of the bay is St Brelade's Church with a charming Fisherman's chapel alongside which boasts some outstanding mediaeval frescoes. The furthest point south west is La Corbiere, a rocky outcrop which can be accessed at low tide. On this stands one of the most famous landmarks on the island, a lighthouse which dates from 1874. St Brelade hotels will offer convenient access to these and other attractions.